Wednesday, March 11, 2009


At the risk of having a blog that is entirely composed of granny-related things, I just wanted everyone to know that I've put a stamp on the envelope with my letter to grand-ma...still haven't sent it yet though.... I'm a jerk.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Letters To A Grandma

So, I FINALLY penned a note to my Grand-ma! I know, it's not the worst job in the world, 'cause she's one of the cute ones and pretty much any story will do, BUT, writing a letter to Grand-ma can sometimes be tedious and a little bit hard to do. Mostly the difficulty lies in coming up with something interesting to say. In order to help others like myself, I've decided to write up templates (from various sorts of grand-kids) that you can fill in and send, make sure you write it out by hand and it'll seem longer! Voila! No more hard-to-write-don't-know-what-to-say-so-i'll-pretty-much-say-nothing sort of letter writing:

If you think or act like you're "From The Block" this one might be for you:

Dear GramGram (Or Grizzle, if you prefer)

I hope all is good in tha 'hood. My baby daddy, __(name here)__ is workin' hard down at the Parks and Rec. building taking all the graffiti off the walls. Work is good and when I'm at home I been catching up on all my stories. My sista ___(name of friend)___ came over last night and told me all about her cousin ___(name here)___ who been up to no good, as usual. When she told those stories, I was like, "Oh, NO you DINNINT" and she was all up in my grill like, "Yeah I did! Don't think you be playing me like some fool!" It was crazy!

Tell Pa I say hello and that I'll see y'all soon!


____(your name here)_______

If you're from the deep south this one might be for you:

Dear Grand-Ma/Auntie ___(name here)___,

I hope all is good at the ol' farm house. We been werkin' hard taken care of them cows and all them kids, a' course. ____(name here)___ got a job down in town testin light bulbs at the factery and I been darnin clothes and puttin 'em out on the line most of the day. My brother-uncle ___(name here)___ rode over here last night and was tellin me 'bout them darn coyotes up in them there hills. I ain't never gonna believe it untils I sees it! All the kids, __(name here)__, ___(name here)____, __(name here)____, ____(name here)___, ___(name here)___,__(name here)__, ___(name here)____, __(name here)____, ____(name here)___, ___(name here)___,__(name here)__, ___(name here)____, __(name here)____, ____(name here)___, ___(name here)___, and ___(name here)___ says Hello to yous!

Love ya!

___(your name here)____

If you're the sort of person who's job is more important then, well, anything, this one might be for you:

Dear Grandmother,

Work is going well. Made lots of money last week. Sorry you've been ill. Hope the bills are not overwhelming you but as we have discussed in the past it is your responsibility to plan ahead for the future and have your finances in order in the event of illness. Did you sign the will and testament that I sent over by courier last week? If not, please sign it and return in promptly. In regards to the visit that you requested in our last correspondence, I will have my secretary contact you in order to arrange something. I may be available in June of 2023. Thank you for your interest in seeing me.

Yours sincerely,

___(your name here)___

_(your initials)_:_(your secretary’s initials)_

If you're a serial killer, this one might be for you:

Dear Grandma,

I hope all is well. I've been very busy these last few weeks, meeting new people and trying to get to know them. No one ever really sticks around...not for more than a few days anyway. I'm still looking for 'the one'. I've found an excellent new cleaning product that removes all kinds of stains, even under black-light! It's come in quite handy for

I've included in this package a hammer, some duct tape and a few old knives that I haven't any use for any longer...please feel free to use or dispose of them.


__(name here)__

If you're a generally normal sort of person, this one might be for you:

Dear Grandma,

Hope you're well. Things around here are fine. I've been trying to plan a trip to see you as soon as the snow stops flying. How's grandpa doing? Did you ever find out if it was the dog that ate his hearing aid? Everybody on this end says Hello. How are Aunt __(name here)__ and Uncle __(name here)__. Are they excited about cousin __(name here)__'s baby?! It's nice that you're so close!

Alright, well, I've got floors to vacuum and dogs to brush, so I'll sign off now. I love you and miss you Grandma!

Your 'favourite' Grand-kid,

__(your name here)___

Yeah, you're welcome!