Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Puggle

Are You Kidding ME??? Okay, So I recently saw the movie, "I Love You, Man" and they had this adorable puggle (pug/beagle cross) that I fell in love with... LOOKIT HOW CUTE!

And just when I think there couldn't be a cuter pug....


So, for my birthday my Mum bought me a vintage Harmony Reso-Tone Banjo.  She is beautiful and sounds so sweet it makes me want to cry a little.  Seeing as I've never played before, I decided that lessons would be in order and I can only tell you that I want MORE MORE MORE!  Listening to the instructor 'drop some riffs' was so insane, and I, miraculously, was actually able to follow along with little effort!!!   I think I've met my musical match!  I can't wait to pull up my socks and kick some banjo ass!  

I found some pictures on-line of the little darlin' 

Ain't she sweet?!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dad's Pictures

So, my Dad is this great amateur photographer and he's got his own little photo site at http://bac49on.deviantart.com/...

Blue Boat by ~bac49on on deviantART

Rock Talk by ~bac49on on deviantART

Set Me Free by ~bac49on on deviantART

So, check it out!