Sunday, February 1, 2009


Okay, so I have been a bit delayed in putting out my second posting. There are, of course, a million and one things going on in my little life, so, of course, I've had to postpone it. Here it is though....

Other things I Love:


Currently I am reading "Gods Behaving Badly". It is a delightful book, recommended by my friend Anita, by a lovely lady named Marie Phillips. Thus far it is proving to be as witty, wonderful and funny as I was told and I think is likely to make my "top ten" list for books I've read in 2009.

What could be better then meeting ancient greek gods and goddess' in modern-day London?!? Oh, the highjinx!

Here are some more that I would recommend highly;

Okay... ANYTHING by Nick Hornby!!!....

Also, I love the following....

This fellow (Daniel Handler) also wrote the Lemony Snicket series. (Wonderful, perfect books!!!)

Of course, being a big fan of children's literature, I am obligated to mention my love of Shel Silverstein....

And, the Harry Potter books.

More favorites are listed in the about me section!

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